About Us

Al Farah is a modern agriulture company located in the UAE that was established in 2022 and covers the entire MENA region by providing top quality seeds.

Our aim is to provide the high yielding varieties to farmers. We have pride with our product and make sure all of our varieties are tested.

Al Farah is proud to offer farmers around the world seed varieties that combine the best genetics and most advanced traits in the industry. We have partners globally with one of them being Al Mona in Saida –  Lebanon, and is a family owned and operated nursery dedicated to bringing the highest quality local plants and trees to our customers. We are devoted to our craft and provide expert knowledge that has been passed down from generations in our own family of farmers.

Whether you are a professional farmer or a home gardener, Al Farah is your go-to source for seeds. Learn about the intriguing brand-new vegetable seed kinds we provide for each season. Shop with us for the best seeds available along with top-notch customer support.

To stay informed of market trends and learn about new products, we spend time with our suppliers. The core of our product selection approach is extensive trialing. To assist you in selecting the ideal products for your growing operation, Al Farah cultivates and tests the most recent varieties from the finest seed producers.

Al Farah is here to serve both amateur gardeners and commercial growers (such as farms and greenhouses). Whether you’re taking care of hundreds of acres or just a few dozen plants in your backyard, Al Farah and our helpful staff are dedicated to giving you the best agricultural products at reasonable prices.